Our History

The factory started production with the traditional salting process for anchovy and sardines.

Jim watched his mother, Rosa hand fillet the fish and create delicious dishes for the family from these small fish. With Jim’s innovative ideas he sought ways to produce sardine fillets in a more time saving way. He discovered that the Northern Europeans had automatic herring filleting machines therefore he imported one and was able to convert it to produce beautiful sardine butterfly fillets. Once again the Australian public hesitated at the idea of eating what was known as a ‘bait’ fish.

Thus the ‘Sardine Festival’ was born… some good music, family members and a group of friends cooking thousand of sardine fillets for the curious and somewhat surprised public which was attended by thousands of people. The ‘Fremantle Sardine Festival’ was held for 11 years and was so popular that it had become one of the biggest one day events on the national calendar of events.

The event attracted many famous Australian food writers and food television show hosts which resulted in this little fish, once considered as ‘bait’, to be on the menus of many top restaurants throughout Australia. The once humble ‘sardine’ produced by the Mendolia family has become a highly sought product. The high quality product is flown throughout Australia  on a weekly basis and soon to be internationally.

Today Jim is still on the ocean in the early hours of the morning catching this great Australian nutritious and healthy resource in the pristine waters off Fremantle. The sardine fishery in Western Australia is a very well managed fishery therefore there will be a sustainable source of sardines well into the future.

Our wonderful and excellent products include:

  • Whole Sardine like Sardinella Lemuru and Sardinops Sagax Neopilchardus
  • Butterfly Fillets of Natural Sardines
  • Butterfly Fillets of Italian Crumbed Sardines
  • Marinated Sardine Fillets
  • Natural Sardine Fillets
  • Crumbed Sardine Fillets
  • Canned Sardines

Fremantle Sardines’ Business Activities:

  • Fish Processing
  • Purse Seine Fishing
  • Crayfishing